Lesson 18 – HTML Fonts

  Font Color Example This is Red color text
This is green color text

Chapter Summery:

  • Use html size attribute <font size =” 1″ > to specify the font size.
  • Use html style attribute <font face = “Arial”> to set specific font style.
  • Use html font color attribute <font color = “green”> to set specific font color.

Interview Questions:

  • How can you create multi color text on a html web page?

We can create multi color text on a web page using html attribute <font color = “color name”> ..</font>. Use this attribute as many times as you needed to make your web page multi colored. 

  • Explain font tag?

Font tag is used to specify the font color, size and shape of a text. However, in html 5 the font tag has been eliminated and now, one can change the font color or size using css.

Practical Exercise:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> Example</title>
This is pink color text.

In above html code:

  • Change text size to 7.
  • Change font style to ‘Times new roman’.
  • Set text color to pink.

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